FIRST PRESENTATION OF GLOBAL FASHION COLLECTIVE: Modern creative vision for Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo

Global Fashion Collective has presented its first series of runway shows at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. The atmosphere was electric with a lot of excitement surrounding the new international designers presenting in Japan for the first time.
GFC began proceedings at 3.30pm local time with a Cutting-edge and Art Couture theme.

First up was local Vancouver based designer ALEX S YU, showcasing colourful and quirky unisex designs. With a sense of nostalgia, ALEX S YU takes us back to summer camp with playful ensembles featuring button-up shirts, shorts, and skirts. Denim, pinstripes, and pops of fluoro colour introduce a new age preppy feel to the runway.

LILLZKILLZ the latest winner of the Nancy Mak Award left us thunderstruck with her androgynous collection for line Profanity. Lillea Goian’s sense of rebellion shines through the pieces, with neon graffiti colours, zips, straps, and chains. Patent thigh-high biker boots and rainbow platform soles stomped down the Tokyo runway, creating a grungy edgy attitude.

Next, we presented a dark but girlish femininity from Chilean brand SAINT JESUS. For S/S 18, designer Maria Jesus Ponce has sourced inspiration from her father’s favourite rock musicians in a collection dedicated to him. White mesh fabric is layered over graphic text featuring band lyrics, and monochrome checked gingham is worn with fishnet sleeves. TWISTED ROSES is an alluring collection featuring ruffled shoulders and distinctive red accent colour.

Sam Stringer, another Vancouver native, has focused on metallic tones for her futuristic S/S 18 collection ,,Embers and Ashes”. In sumptuous silky fabrics, Stringer’s evening gowns take us to a Martian landscape with complementary colours in warm rust orange and pale silvery blue. Low necklines, ruching, and lacework created a sense of luxe on the Tokyo runway with Stringer’s custom use of couture structures and unique detail.

Finalising the matinee show we presented Kirsten Ley, with an avant-garde collection showing experiments with the female silhouette. Cinched-in waists, asymmetry, and opaque layers dominated the designs, with volume and texture formed by manipulated fabrics. A whimsical aura was created with the use of sheers in a selective palette ranging from pale white greys to deep dark blues.

Tokyo at night is a magical time, and tonight it was made even more special with our second installment at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. Global Fashion Collective’s evening runway show kicked off at 8.30pm at the Shibuya Hikarie Hall with an eclectic mix of designers following a Contemporary Art and Pop Culture theme.
First up, Evan Clayton gave a solid impact with his loud and emphatic designs. Art and fashion are perfectly married in this collection, with patent leather bodysuits in bold primary colours adding to the theatrical experience in the room. The models walked with attitude in pieces featuring tassels, feathers, and cut-out revealing shapes.

Next, fellow Vancouver based brand This Is James presented the menswear collection ,,Love Tonic”. We saw how classic and modern pieces have been updated with an eclectic feel; crisp white shirts are embellished with blocks of floral fabric. A subdued colour palette and use of layering techniques have formed very wearable designs. The collection holds a dedicated focus on denim through tailored shorts and jackets.

WILDFRÄULEIN 71, a Japanese brand, exhibited layered tailored pieces for their runway show. Colourful stripes are merged with grey and darker shades in a considered colour palette. Flat caps and chunky boots add character to a casual style. We saw an interesting use of textural soft fabrics with frayed and raw edges for their S/S 18 collection.

For the grand finale, we were borne witness to Chinese designer MRHUAMRSHUA’s fantastical pop culture universe. Playful prints featuring the likes of kittens, flowers, and emojis are splashed across outfits in candy colours. Midi skirts and wide-sleeved tees are worn with shiny silver platforms. Structured space-age shoulders, graphic printed tights, and bulging eyeball headbands brought an eccentric and futuristic feel to the Tokyo runway.

The day was a complete success, and here at Global Fashion Collective we would like to say ,,arigato” to Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo for having us. Global Fashion Collective is proud to have presented such remarkable and modern creative vision to a new audience in Japan.
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Photo: Yoshi Okamoto/Chiyoko Higuchi