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Montenegro Fashion Week closes

This season's edition of Montenegro Fashion Week ended last night at Imanje Knjaz in Podgorica.
Gianni Calignano, Lisca, Minny for Kids, Montana, Beneton & Kinder Kids Modeling, DiLine by Dijana Radonjić, students of the third year of Fashion Design at UDG and Natalia Urbanova-Nurban showcased their collection during Vinarija Velimirović Fashion Night.
Daniel Popović promoted the video and song ,,Lovćenska vila”. He dedicated it to Montenegro and all people who hold Montenegro dear to their hearts. The audience was thrilled when he later in the evening suddenly appeared on stage and sang his hit song ,,Julie”.
Nelly Al Mahmud presented the video for her song ,,Gore od samoće” (Worse than Loneliness)
Italian designer Gianni Calignano returned to Montenegro Fashion Week runway after seven years.
The audience enjoyed watching the creations that represented nature in all its beauty, from cuts, materials to colours. It was Italian craftsmanship at its best.
– The ,,Natura” collection is inspired by nature in all its forms. The colours remind us of the main elements of nature: turquoise is the color of the sea, which I am lucky enough to admire every day on clear sunny days, emerald is the shade of the forest, golden is the color of the wheat fields – explained Calignano in a recent interview for MNE magazin.

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To make the dresses, as he pointed out, he used only natural fabrics – organza, brocade and pure cotton.
Brand ,,DiLine” by designer Dijana Radonjić presented the collection named ,,Liberta”, which, as its name suggests, exuded freedom.
Models were entering the runway in elegant dresses and suits of pastel, earthy tones, as well as black and red while ,,Bella Ciao” was playing in the background.

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Radonjić told MNE magazin that she was inspired by a woman who is always special and being herself, wherever she is.
She interweaved that into the materials.
– We used completely diverse materials, we did not stick to one style, but every dress is absolutely characteristic. As always, our materials are of high quality and the emphasis is on the organic materials – said Radonjić for MNE magazin.
Brand ,,Minny for Kids” showcased the adorable collection for girls.
Brand ,,Lisca”, which has been present on the market for nearly 70 years, presented a collection for Summer 24 consisted of swimwear and beach accessories.
– Elegant colour combinations and waisted materials create wonderful dressing options for going to the beach and in the city environment. They evoke a luxurious summer – ,,Lisca” announced the collection for MNE magazin with these words before the presentation.

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This is exactly what the visitors saw – beauty, opulence, elegance and quality through a variety of colours and geometric and floral patterns on costumes and beach accessories, as well as in singular tones, from white, pastel to yellow.
Models were walking down the runway carrying roses in their hands that eventually ended up in the hands of the ladies from the first row.
,,Kinder Kids Modeling” presented ,,Beneton”‘s children collection.
Brand ,,Montana” opted for collection consisting of men's suits. Actor Moamer Kasumović and musician Isak Šabanović were special guests.
Students of the third year of Fashion Design at UDG presented interesting designs.
Natalia Urbanova-Nurban closed the Somersby Fashion Week Montenegro with a beautiful collection called ,,Believe in your dreams”. She dedicated it to Montenegro.
She interweaved dreams and faith in those dreams in her creations through colours and materials such as velvet, lace, silk, satin and jacquard.
In the recent interview for MNE magazin, she pointed out that the main ingredients in this collection are love and soul.
She added that the collection and her brand are intended for feminine and self-confident women who know what they want.

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Executive director of the Fashion Chamber of Montenegro and Montenegro Fashion Week, Srđan Lubarda, summed up his impressions at the end of the evening for MNE magazin.

He said that he was pleased with how it all went, but that organizing the Fashion Week is extremely hard and demanding and that he tries to meet everyone's needs and be fair to all of them. 

– In this effort to respect them all, it inevitably happens that you have to hold a grudge against someone, that you encounter misunderstanding, and this is something that really affects me – Lubarda told MNE magazin.

He conveyed the impressions of the Italian designer Gianni Calignano.
– He told me that the Italian Chamber of Fashion and Association of Designers have a strong institutional support. The support they get from the state enables them to work more easy, to produce garments with ,,Made in Italy” label. They have incentives for domestic craftsmanship and domestic designers and subsidies from the state – Lubarda explains to MNE magazin, pointing out to the fact that we lack state support and assistance in this area. 

Lubarda reminded that the Fashion Week's campaign was named ,,Nature is Modern” (Nature is Trendy) and said that with this slogan an extremely important message was sent.

– We will always try to promote ,,green”, to preserve nature and make sustainable materials trendy with these campaigns – Lubarda told MNE magazin.

The organizers have once again received praises from the guests that the program started exactly at the scheduled time, which is a true rarity in our country.
Ljubica Vukčević did the make-up, Kuća mode i ljepote Zoran was in charge for official hairstyles, Jelena Vukčević did the hair, as well as Sophie's Beauty Line, while styling was done by Ksenija Đurković and Božica Konatar.
This event was organized by National Fashion Chamber of Montenegro.
Foto: B. Šekularac