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GLOBAL FASHION COLLECTIVE: Designer lineup for Tokyo runaway show

Global Fashion Collective (GFC) is a platform that showcases emerging fashion designers worldwide. For the past six years, the collective has produced international runway shows helping designers build their brand presence and increase media visibility. We're excited to announce the designer lineup for the upcoming show in Tokyo.

On August 30, we'll host a runway show at Omotesando, Shibuya, Tokyo. You can expect to see lots of diversity and creativity from designers worldwide.

The show will start at 2:30 pm and feature Maxime Edward, ALÇA, CEDIM, and Karen Moriyama. At 5 pm, JUSMA and Couleurs d'Afrique will take the stage and showcase their collection. The show will be live in person and live-streamed through the Global Fashion Collective website and social channels.

Maxime Edward is a Belgian fashion designer born in the Philippines. He grew up in Aubel, where his passion for creativity began. His designs are known for their subtle elegance and playful charm. He takes custom orders from his studio in Brussels and showcases his collections at events in Belgium and abroad, including Fashion Weeks in Vancouver and Tunisia.

Emel, the founder of ALÇA, was born in Djibouti and studied Arts in Tokyo. She showcased her designs in exhibitions, including one attended by Her Highness Princess Takamado. Her brand gained attention at Vancouver Fashion Week SS 2020 and Paris Fashion Week FW 2020. Recently, she won second prize at S.I.T.A (Salon International du Textile Africain) and is now based in France to grow her brand.

A group of seven designers from CEDIM's School of Design will debut their collection, Unfold, at Tokyo Fashion Week for the SS2024 season. The collection pays tribute to their past while pushing boundaries and setting new trends for the future.

Karen Moriyama is an award-winning illustrator who recently shifted her focus to fashion design. Her designs aim to embrace personal weaknesses and connect with others who struggle with insecurities. She draws inspiration from the Shakuyaku plant, creating delicate and flowy silhouette dresses that hug the wearer's body, with textiles drawn and dyed in the style of traditional Japanese paintings.

After studying fashion design in Paris, the designer behind JUSMA launched the brand in Tokyo. JUSMA's concept is “armored brilliance” and “Elegant Street,” incorporating various elements and powerful style.

Aline Arnoux, a fashion designer of Franco-Cameroonian descent, completed a fashion design program Oda Fashion College and studied abroad in Paris. She incorporates her heritage into her work, often using wax patterns and embroidery. Her Couleurs d'Afrique collection fuses African and European influences, incorporating ancient Ghanaian scriptures into the fabrics.