STYLE AT HOME: Special project by MBFW Russia and TikTok

For the first time ever, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia and the top short video platform TikTok have decided to collaboratively help anyone who wants it to stay home productively. From April 4 to April 7, an online course will be arranged, with workshops delivered by designers and fashion experts.

TikTok launched a fashion challenge #СтильнаДому (in english #styleAtHome) in a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, which has moved to a virtual format this year/season. Challenge encourages users to share ideas on original home-style clothing via short videos. Cooking breakfast in a silk robe, joining an online meeting in a business jacket and pajama pants, trying on your favorite evening dress for a family dinner – the imagination of users is not limited.

Under the collaborative project of MBFW Russia and TikTok, 9 workshops will be delivered by the fashion designers and experts.

On April 4, Roma Uvarov, creative designer at RomaUvarovDesign, will teach you how to develop a successful brand online, whereas Igor Andreev, stylist and designer, will explain how to stay home and yet be fashionable.

On April 5,, fashion illustrator who worked with brands like Dior, GIVENCHY, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier, and Lancôme, will teach a fashion illustration workshop. Later on the same day, Daniel Trabun, product lead at Yandex.Zen, will instruct you how to make a tie-dye T-shirt at home.

On April 6, Lana Nisnevich, fashion editor at Cosmopolitan Russia, will speak on how to become a fashion editor. Moreover, Sasha Amato, journalist, and admin of @goldchihuahua Telegram channel, will tip on how to start a personal online brand and how to make money with it. Regina Turbina, designer of the ophelica brand and author of the first digital sold in Russia, will describe making a digital outfit.

On April 7, Bella Potemkina, designer, will share her experience on how to hype online, and on the same day, Velina Sukiasyan, clothing designer and founder of the REWEARIT brand, will speak about online shopping in second-hand stores and upcycling.

A detailed schedule is available on TikTok.

Let us remind you that virtual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is taking place on April 4 to 5. Live streams can be followed from anywhere in the world at AIZEL.RU и MEGOGO.NET.

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