SIMON BARTHOLOMEW FOR MNE MAGAZIN: We want to play in Montenegro

Band ,,The Brand New Heavies” held a memorable concert at Belgrade’s ,,Bitefartcafe”, as part of the concert series ,,Musicology Barcaffè Sessions”.
After that, there was a meet and greet and we used that opportunity to talk to one of the founding members of the band Simon Bartholomew.
You are back at ,,Bitefartcafe”. What are the impressions this time?
– If I go backwards, in that room in there, there is somebody playing some rare funk 7 inches. When we first started in late 80s, there waas one or two clubs in London and the guys were playing really rare, funky music. Then another club did it and then more people got interested in this funky music and then our band started because of this scene. We would not be here now, playing, if it was not for that. I think there is something about this music, it’s about liberation and it’s about connection, it’s about sex. It’s so human kind of a music. What I said about the audience – I’m really proud. For me, there’s a duty to bring a funk into the mainland, get the audience into escapism of their jobs and themselves. That’s what I do. I’ve got kids, I live normal, they go to school, I’m like: ,,Hurry up, we’ve got five minutes!” ,,Shoes.” ,,I don’t know where your shoes are!” Then I’m here on stage, saying ,,Come on!”, singing ,,We will rock you”. I’ve never thought we would sing ,,We will rock you”, that was completely made up. It’s fantastic. That’s what music does. Music does not have any gender or politics. Let’s face it – the worst thing you see on news is politics. First thing I wanna say is – Stop killing each other. Have a chat. And we are making money, I wanna make money, why would I kill anyone?

Journalist from MNE magazin and Simon Bartholomew after the concert at Bitefartcafe

You say for your new album that it is the best album ,,The Brand New Heavies” ever made. Why, what makes it the best album?
– Do you like it? We made some more special touches to have super quality. I think the band here was very simple really. It has a certain taste. We were always very careful with that. We spend time on the guitar sounds, but not too long. We had to finish it fast. I think it is versatile and varied. Even I was surprised. Also, we have a fantastic band. Everyone loves doing their job. Nobody wants to leave or not go to ,,The Brand New Heavies” gig. That’s nice. When do we gonna come and play in Montenegro?
I wanted to ask you that.
– Hello. This is Simon from ,,The Brand New Heavies”. We wanna come and play in Montenegro and we have a lady here who can sing, who will deliver a nice concert for you, so, come on over to the show.
Bojana Radonjić