VENERA AND LIND BEFORE THE CONCERT AT CAPITAL PLAZA: It is going to be a night to remember

Albanian duo Venera Lumani and Lind Islami will hold a concert at the atrium of Capital Plaza in Podgorica on July 11th. The concert will be called ,,Live concert powered by Enrico Marinelli”.
– It is a pleasure being invited and treated by your staff, thank you for having us in Podgorica.
We feel nice and happy to perform in your country. In fact, it's not our first time performing in Montenegro but for sure it’s our first time singing in Plaza. It’s going to be a night to remember – they say for MNE magazin.
They like the place they will be performing at.
– As we see, the place is very fancy and chic and the event as well, so we decided to come and perform in acoustic trio version of our band, which contains percussion, guitar and harmonised vocals, so the setlist as well should be containing our songs and remake/cover song – Lumani and Islami say for MNE magazin.

Venera Lumani graduated at the Department of Opera singing, so we ask her what does she think of classical crossover artists, that is, opera singers performing pop and rock music.
– I say ,,chapeau” (hats down) to those who can do both – says Lumani for MNE magazin.
We ask Lind which song of Venera’s, her own or cover, he likes listening to most.
– This is a difficult question. I love every song and every version of her. She gives me vibes every time she opens her mouth and starts to sing. It's magical. Ah, ljubov (Ah, love) – says Islami.

We ask Venera the same for Lind’s song.
– I like listening to Lind’s voice on every occasion, he has warm and calm notes which give another version to every song. My favourite is ,,Gangsta's Paradise” version on his – says Lumani.

Venera Lumani and Lind Islami were raised in a family where their fathers were musicians.
– It’s a blessing, beacuse we need advice, we need lessons and they can focus us in going through the best way – say Lumani and Islami.
Venera Lumani is a winner of ,,Voice of Albania”.
– I was lucky enough being part od Sidrit Bejleri's team, one of the best singers/artists in Albania.
I think he was the key I won. I am so grateful and I will forever be – says Lumani.
Venera Lumani and Lind Islami have competed several times at the qualifying contest for ,,Eurosvision”.
– It was a dream.For now it’s only a good opportunity to sing at that giant scene – they believe.
In the end they say that they are always doing and preparing something and that their daily work is studio, so soon they will be launching two new singles.
Bojana Radonjić