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MFW x GFC F/W ‘24: From avant-garde designs to classic fashion staples

Fashion designers from all over the world have come together in Milan to present their latest collections at the Global Fashion Collective show. From avant-garde designs to classic fashion staples, this event is a testament to the power of creativity and the beauty of diversity. Let’s celebrate the creative genius of these designers and experience the magic of fashion.

Sanjukta’s studio presented the ,,Kohua – Komal” (,,Soft”) collection, which is all about the softness of handcrafted silk from Assam, India – as in how it feels and how it makes you feel.
Crafted with the greatest care and dedication, each piece showcased is a testament to the rich heritage of Assam's silk weaving tradition, where every thread tells a story of generations of artisans who have perfected their craft, weaving together dreams and aspirations into the fabric of their creations.

Blending traditional elegance with contemporary flair, each garment is a masterpiece of fusion fashion, a seamless marriage of Eastern grace and Western chic. A silhouette that is both timeless and modern, offering a fresh perspective on traditional Indian attire. This showcase is a beacon of sustainability and ethical fashion in a world where mass production has come to reign supreme.

Sanjukta’s Studio Official Website   Instagram

PATRYCJA PLESIAK presented ,,Muses: Past and Present”, a collection inspired by powerful, courageous women who have contributed to history.

Examples include Edith Piaf, Rita Hayworth, Sophia Loren and Maria Skłodowska-Curie, as well as those who lived in the shadow of famous artists, such as Francoise Gilot (Picasso's muse) and Victorine Meurent (Édouard Manet's muse).

The designs reflect their character and style. While each creation is different, all share the same timelessness of cut and nobility of materials.

The collection includes dresses and bags hand-painted by the designer herself.
The corset and drapery elements reflect a classic take with a modern twist and a nod to Art Deco. The runway show narrated the story of the lives of extraordinary women and the desire to perpetuate the memory and history of their lives, which can also inspire ours.

PATRYCJA PLESIAK.       Official website.      Instagram         Facebook
MUNETAKA YOKOYAMA PRESENTS ,,JAPANESQUE FORMAL”, a subliminal presentation of formal wear created with the greatest reverence for ancient Japanese culture.

The yardage of choice is luxurious traditional kimono fabric created by Gensai Okubo, a leading kimono artist in Japan.

Through the collaboration with Gensai Okubo, MUNETAKA YOKOYAMA is showcasing men's and women's tuxedos, kimono dresses, and kimono clothes using Nishijin brocade. The modern combination of tailored formal wear made from age-old kimono fabric is unique and shines a new light on Japan’s heritage industry, whilst celebrating the enduring beauty of Japan.

MUNETAKA YOKOYAMA is the second-generation designer of a sixty-year-old bespoke sewing factory specialising in high-end tailor-made suits.

MUNETAKA YOKOYAMA    Official Website   Instagram 

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About Global Fashion Collective

Global Fashion Collective (GFC) is a platform led by a group of dynamic individuals who share the goal of cultivating an inclusive and diverse fashion industry. Global Fashion Collective aims to accelerate designer development by producing innovative runway showcases globally in fashion capitals to increase international media visibility and expand new market opportunities for their show’s participating designers. As the sister company to Vancouver Fashion Week, which has produced shows since 2001, GFC works with a wide range of international designers at all runway shows. 2023, Global Fashion Collective is operating a showcase during Tokyo, New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week.

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