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MFW: Marina Banović closes the event with a collection made for Montenegrin olympic team

Montenegrin fashion designer Marina Banović closed the Mercedes-Benz & Master Fashion Week Montenegro last night in Podgorica with a collection made for the national team for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
In the background, on the big screen, Montenegrin flag was fluttering, while sportsmen and models walked down the runway.
The president of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee Dušan Simonović was watching them from the first row, while the Montenegrin handball players Jovanka Radičević and Majda Mehmedović lead the models in red outfits resembling kimonos with golden embroidery and red bags with golden Montenegrin coat of arms. Banović's choice for men was white shirts and red suits, completed with white handkerchief with golden Montenegrin coat of arms. Parade was followed by a version of Montenegrin traditional song ,,Još ne sviće rujna zora” by the band ,,Neon” and the applause from the audience.
White, pink, red shirts, shorts, three-quarter pants, tracksuits, red and black jackets, all with caption ,,Montenegro”, as well as red swimming cap with golden Montenegrin coat of arms, hat with Montenegrin coat of arms, caps, rucksacks and bags were also presented.
– In the analyses of culture and tradition of Japan and its kimono I have searched for the connection between our and their national costumes and I believe I have found it through the form of our outfit džamadan and their kimono. What I find also important is that our team will be dressed in red, which is the colour of our flag, but we see that colour in the host’s flag as well, in that red circle – Banović said for Montenegro magazin.
The event was opened by Edita Nimanbegu Barović who presented the collection ,,Élysées”. It was dominated by asymmetric long and short clingy formal dresses in purple, cyclamen, brown, black, blue and green colour. They were completed with zircons and feathers, while a few fluttery dresses had puff sleeves.
Mia Đerić presented herself to the Montenegrin audience for the first time with her brand ,,Hera design by Mia”. The name of the collection was ,,Uroboros”.
A few interesting headgear pieces were shown. The designer presented long and short formal dresses in white, beige, pastel colours, white two-piece outfit, pants, as well as white shorts and the jacket with silver details.
,,Moj princ by Ivona Bulatović” showcased the collection called ,,Colourful world”. Charming kids delighted the audience, wearing three-piece outfits – vests, pants, shirts, shorts, blazers in white, pastel, blue and gray colour, complemented with hats.
Nada Koljenšić presented the collection named ,,Šobajići” that was consisted of clingy and fluttery formal dresses, long and short, with floral details in bright, pastel and dim colours, from green, beige, red, orange to purple, as well as the yellow two-piece outfit.
Božica Cvetković, within the brand ,,MB contur”, presented a collection for men and women, consisting of tracksuits in black, blue, green, red and gray colour.
The special guest in the parade was the musician Bojan Marović.
Kristina Marović presented herself for the first time at Fashion Week. Dresses, shorts, three-quarter pants and tops in blue, cyclamen, white, yellow and green colours were shown.
Russel Solomon from Nigeria showcased the latest collection ,,Red Rebellion” which refers to, as he said, a ,,moral army” of young, vibrant, awaken people who demand fairness and right to a dignified life from a long aged oppressive rule of dishonest older generations.
He had shown all this through rebel music and men and women walking vibrantly on both sides of the runway in beige and red two-piece outfits, suits, pants, black-red and red jacket and brown and checkered coat. The coats were complemented with long shawls.
The House of Fashion and Beauty ,,Zoran” was in charge of the models’ hairstyles.
The event was organized by the National Fashion Chamber of Montenegro and the impressions were summed by its execute director Srđan Lubarda.
– We are very pleased. We were pleasantly surprised by our designers who were really great. All in all, a successful night – Lubarda said for Montenegro magazin.
During the event, visitors and fashion lovers were able to view ,,Mercedes” models by the company Ljetopis Automotive.
Photo: Boris Šekularac