GLOBAL TALENTS DIGITAL (SEPTEMBER 4 TO 6): Already 53 designers from 18 countries selected, application still open

The second edition of Global Talents Digital will take place online on September, 4-6 on different platforms across Internet. This time, the international hybrid fashion event is dedicated to the topic of sustainability. In dozens of collaborations of talented designers with NGOs, tech startups, bloggers there will be presented real and digital sustainable collections from all over the world. At the moment, 53 participants from 18 countries are already selected for Global Talents Digital – Argentina, Bolivia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, the UK, the USA, Turkey. The application is open till August 7, 2020. Global Talents Digital will host up to 100 fashion brands and collaborations on September 4-6, 2020.
Cutting-edge brands will showcase their collections and collaborations in a format of video presentations and streams – real shows without guests.

Global Talents Digital will host an online exhibition of digital artists who will present ideas on responsible consumption and solicitude for the planet Earth. Cutting-edge sustainable designers will hold various workshops on creating clothes and accessories. So each viewer will be able to get their own unique product by exploring the ideas of sustainability.

New edition of Global Talents Digital will also support the ideals of diversity and inclusivity. Designers will present their work in one or several areas as upcycling, recycling, ethical fashion, slow fashion and zero waste. Second-hand shops are also involved in the project.

Augmented reality will be used in every designer presentation and will become functional feature to explore the sustainable fashion. Various prints, 3D garments and motivating quotes will be available for viewers to diversify their images without buying unnecessary things.

– In our project we expand the boundaries of sustainability, small local brands work within the ideology of sustainable development as they spend minimal resources on production. The idea of the project is to take designers outside of Instagram for widespread attention of clients, buyers, celebrity stylists, and the press. Thanks to the planned program, viewers will gain wide knowledge of sustainability and will be engaged through AR ‒ says Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

– Thank you for helping Japanese designers to step forward in the sustainability field. Our fashion week lacks the sustainability part, but I know that Japanese designers and companies have been caring about the Earth for a long time already. We are thinking to launch something that we can do to help the Earth ‒ Kaoru Imajo, Director of Japan Fashion Week Organization.

– We are thrilled to partner with Global Talents Digital to support emerging sustainable brands via this global digital event. The negative affects of COVID-19 are being felt from the top to the bottom of the fashion industry financially, and, critically, environmentally – with a spike in clothing and textile waste. Young design talents across the world are demonstrating ways to transform waste and create mindful collections that speak to a new generation of design-driven conscious consumers and this event gives them the platform to grow ‒ Hannah Lane, Director of Partnerships, Redress.

– At Style House Files, Lagos Fashion Week, we are inspired by traditional craftsmanship, it’s slow fashion appeal, circular design and the need to adopt a more responsible approach to producing fashion on the continent. We are committed to providing and supporting platforms like Global Talents Digital to reinforce the importance of maintaining a careful balance between the people, processes and products involved in the creative process ‒ Omoyemi Akerele, Founder and Executive Director of Lagos Fashion Week and Style House Files.

– The fashion industry has always had an image of secrecy and exclusivity – with access to the privileged only. Global Talents Digital has opened a very exciting, contemporary and more inclusive collaboration opportunity, putting the power back into the hands of the designers and giving them the ability to build their brands and expand their target audiences globally ‒ Lucilla Booyzen, Director of SA Fashion Week.

– Global Fashion Exchange is excited to bring Blockchain Swapping to Russia for the very first time with the SwapChain. By working in partnership with the many incredible designers, innovators, and influencers we can create a community with Global Talents Digital around swapping that makes a massive collective impact on the environment and help educate people about how to reduce their footprint in a stylish and exciting way ‒ Patrick Duffy, Founder of Global Fashion Exchange and the SwapChain.

For the reference: In Facebook, VK, and Instagram alone publications and streams from the first edition of Global Talents Digital in June were viewed 2.5 mln times. For two days the world got to know about 50 fashion industry’s emerging names. From South Africa and Japan to the United States and Australia — designers from all over the world found their meeting point, which turned to be Global Talents Digital, streamed from Moscow. Global Talents Digital was covered by 400+ fashion web-sites and magazines worldwide, including Vogue Italia, Vogue Russia, Harper’s Bazaar Russia, Elle China, Elle Portugal, L'Officiel Italia, L’Officiel Arabia, L’Offciel Baltics, L’Officiel Lithuania, Forbes US, Forbes France, Hypebeast, etc. In June 2020, the digital event was streamed at 100 web-sites around the globe, reaching the audience of 640 thousand in 2 days. Global Talents Digital is a virtual version of Global Talents project of Russian Fashion Council with the support of Fashion Fund, which was created to support up-and-coming talents from all around the world. Within Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, two physical seasons have already been held, during which designers from Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK had the opportunity to showcase their debut shows at the professional runway for an international audience.

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