RECIPE: Spring strawberry dessert

After a long winter, the first fruit that makes us happy in spring is this beautiful, juicy, fragrant strawberry. If you have an opportunity, do not forget to plant a few strawberry plants. Also, it can be nurtured well in pots, this way they will be better protected from the insects. Strawberries need slightly acidic soil and natural fertilizer. Think twice before using chemical fertilizer for strawberries because strawberry is the first on the list of the ‘’dirty dozen’’ on which chemicals are stored in large quantities.

Strawberries are healthy for many reasons:
– reducing inflammation
– improving blood circulation
– they are a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B9 and potassium

We like eating them fresh, and in my childhood we used to get them sprinkled with sugar. Here's the one way of serving strawberries that Lucila shared with us on our Marelica Instagram profile:

-700 gr strawberries
– 5 table spoons of sugar
– juice of half squeezed orange
– whip cream
– roasted almonds

1. Blend 600 grams of strawberries, 3 tablespoons of sugar and orange juice.
2. Whisk the whip cream with two spoons of sugar and place them over strawberry sauce.
3. Sprinkle with baked almonds and sliced ​​strawberries
Decorate with mint leaves. Serve it freshly made.

You can make this dessert in the winter by using frozen strawberries.

Story By: Aleks
Recipe By: Lucila