GAVIN KOOLMON FROM DISCIPLES FOR MNE MAGAZIN: We look forward to our Sea dance show 

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Luke McDermott, Nathan Vincent Duvall and Gavin Koolmon

British band and production trio ,,Disciples” are coming in to Montenegro for the first time to perform on Sunday, September 1st at Sea dance festival at Buljarica beach.
The trio Nathan Vincent Duvall, Gavin Koolmon and Luke McDermott had been making hit after hit since 2013. First one was ,,They don’t know”, the second was with Calvin Harris – ,,How deep is your love”, then the one with David Guetta ,,No worries”, ,,Daylight”, ,,On my mind”, ,,Jealousy”, recently ,,No ties”, ,,All mine” with Eyelar and yesterday ,,Mama” was released with the remix of ,,Disciples”, Ella Eyre, Banx&Ranx and Kiana Lede.
We spoke to Gavin Koolmon on the phone about Sea dance festival, Montenegro, timeless music, identity, uniqueness, fingerprint and what’s in store next for the people who appreciate their work.
In the end of the conversation, he said: ,,It is going to be a grand show. We look forward to it. See you, guys, there!”
You were at the Exit and Sea star festival. Still, how significant it is for you to be asked to play at Sea dance festival by Exit team and how much have you heard about Sea dance festival and Montenegro in general?
– First time in Montenegro. It is a very important show for us because of that. We are really looking forward to experiencing the festival, we heard a lot about it. We’re gonna be streaming it. It is on the beach and it’s gonna be 34 degrees. Exit festival is also a very important festival, one of a kind.
You are performing the same night as David Guetta. Will you join him behind the DJ desk, maybe for the ,,No worries” mix?
– Maybe, we haven’t actually planned it yet. A lot of the times we go by vibe and see how it goes. It’s possible.

Every song of yours is an instant hit. ,,Mama”, ,,All mine” and ,,No ties” are no exception. Does that scares you sometimes?
– We try not to think much about how well something is gonna be. So, I think what we do is that we make sure that we all love the song that we do and if we love it and it goes well, then it’s even better. We try not to tailor it too much. We hope that everyone else will like it as much as we do.

When I was young, there were people whose music is still listened to today, hits that are timeless. How do you see your music – do you see it as such, timeless?
I think that is our aim, that is where we are going, to write music in this day and age that will stand a test of time. I think we did that with ,,How deep is your love” and few other tracks. We don’t release too much music. We take more time to make sure that stuff we are releasing we feel as much as possible. I think that’s the best way to create music that will be here and test time.  
What are you disciples of?
(laughter) We are disciples of great music. We were all influenced by a lot of great artists, whether that be Bob Marley, the whole DJ scene and I think that is where our timeless music comes from. 

What we see a lot in your work is a fingerprint. Fingerprint is identity, something that is absolutely unique, because no man has the same fingerprint. Is that fingerprint you and your music – identity and uniqueness?
– I think it is about identity. Everybody has the unique style in music and unique thing in lives. It is about being yourself. I think that is all about, not just music, but each person who may be some kind of a disciple. It’s about connecting with music. We wanna make sure that we make music that is true to us, unique to how we feel it really.
When you’re not on the road, you are in the studio. What are you preparing?
We are working on a lot of stuff. We’ve been in and out of studio since the end of last summer. Now we try to be more consistent, so we consistently frame ideas and write music and collaborate with few people. We write a lot of music, that is how we work as the band. When we find out what it works, we release it.

Bojana Radonjić