INTERNATIONAL ART&FASHION FESTIVAL CLOSES IN KOTOR: Sergei Polunin and ballet performance for the end

International Art&Fashion Festival Kotor 2019 ended the previous night in a spectacular way, with a piece choreographed by Yuka Oishi and with greatest ballet dancer of today Sergei Polunin in the leading role.
He, together with Alexey Lyubimov and Dejan Kolarov, brought Sacré/Paradox to the stage.
It all resembled a fairy tale in the beautiful setting in front of the the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, a fight between good and evil, dark and light forces in a man and in the end catharsis and enlightenment.
Soloists Alexey Lyubimov for Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre and Dejan Kolarov for the National Theatre in Belgrade first walked on stage. They remarkably conveyed madness and duality in a man.
Dried leaves on the stage and the smoke that was emerging contributed to the mystique, as well as the deep voice that was saying: ,,You must choose. You can't have it all, that is not allowed. One happiness is all you'll get.”
After them, Polunin showed why he is considered to be the greatest ballet dancer of today and the successor of Nijinsky, Nureyev and Baryshnikov. He perfectly conveyed the story of Nijinsky. It seemed like he understood the very depths of his soul. Eternal non-adherents and misfits of the time in which they create and live. Rebels. Poets. Men ahead of their time.

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Polunin and Nijinsky fitted perfectly with another rebel and poet Igor Stravinsky to whose music Polunin showed Nijinsky's emotions and madness. Ghostly symbolism of the suffocation of someone's who is ahead of his time and trapped in this time emerged from under the leaves in the form of the red rope that Polunin wrapped around his neck and his body and remained lying on the stage while audience applauded long, saying ,,bravo!”
In the end, while he was lying, first Kolarov, then Lyubimov walked on stage for the final unraveling.
,,Bravo”, long applause and standing of the audience spoke more than words of what they thought of the authencity of Polunin, Kolarov and Lyubimov.
The whole event yesterday was organized in collaboration with Fabrika fashion agency, Municipality of Kotor and Sergei Polunin Foundation.

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Photo: Boris Šekularac