MICHAEL CINCO FOR MNE MAGAZIN: You are a designer if you are able to put the passion into your heart

Philippine designer, who lives and works in Dubai and who has been named recently the fashion icon of that city, Michael Cinco put on a spectacular show and in that way made the ending of the second edition of the IFF Porto Montenegro 2019 memorable for all who came last night to ,,Synchro”.
After the show he has summed up his impressions for our web portal.
– I am so happy that a people loved it. Before the show I was so upset and so distressed,  but now everything is fine and I am so happy. The people in Porto Montenegro are great people, they are beautiful. It's a beautiful place – Cinco says.
He added that his collection was inspired by Russia.
– It is inspired by the beautiful culture of Russia, tsar and tsarina and the Russian ballet – Cinco emphasizes.
The woman he would love to wear the creations from the collection he showed is very sophisticated and very stylish.
– Of course, they must have money to spend. Women love money, they are my biggest muses. I'm just kidding – said Cinco, laughing.
When he mentioned the muses, we asked him what is it about Audrey Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Maria Callas, Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich that makes them, in a way, his muses.
– Those are women that I really admire. They are very classy, very elegant, but at the same time, they are very confident and very stylish in their own way – Cinco explains.
Being asked on how the Philippines influenced his designer path, he says:
– I think, if you are a designer, wherever you were born or wherever you grow up, you will be the designer if you just put the passion into your heart!
Bojana Radonjić
Photo: Boris Šekularac/MNE magazin