Rami Kadi will be opening the tonight's programme of International fashion festival ,,Porto Montenegro 2019” at ,,Synchro” with his latest collection.
That was the reason to sit down with him this morning for a talk.
How do you like the hospitality of Porto Montenegro?
– It's very nice. I was saying to the other journalists that organizers of the shows and the fashion festival are very professional and always keen to make us happy all the time and I am super happy to be here.
You will be showing your latest collection called ,,The Temple of Flora”. It was inspired by the work of Robert John Thorton which was written 220 years ago. What drawn you to these floral portraits that you wanted to make a collection based on them?
– I was doing my research in Paris, in the library. I am someone that is dyslexic, so I cannot read very well, it is hard for me to read well. My research is more visual than reading. I got this book, opened it and there were amazing flowers and images of flowers. I was so inspired and so touched by this book so I decided to make a collection of it.
What are the novelties you are putting into this collection?
– We worked a lot on metal pieces that are placed in a way where you can feel like they are golden leaves. This is the novelty that I created for this collection.
What is it like making fashion in Beirut?
– Beirut is a fashion capital in the Arab world. I am very proud to be Lebanese and I am very proud to have my atelier there. Beirut is very inspirational for me, because you have the tradition of the Arabs, but at the same time, it is very liberal. You have the freedom to do whatever you want. This is why you see lots of artist coming from Beirut.
What is the message you wish to convey through your fashion?
– The message of my designs is how I think. I like to think out of the box, I like to mix things that don't match together and to take old techniques and make them more modern and new.
Bojana Radonjić
Photo: Boris Šekularac/MNE magazin