VIDEO: Justine Balmer and band ,,Blake” cover ,,Coldplay”‘s song ,,Fix you”

Foto: PR

As the ink dries on a fresh deal with Right Track Records / Universal, contemporary crossover soprano, Justine Balmer, announces the release of her outstanding classical/pop-opera debut album, ,,Simple Thing”, released 7 June, alongside her duet with Classical Brit Award winners, Blake, with their cover of Coldplay’s ,,Fix You”. With a No1 album and mid-way through their biggest UK tour, ,,Movies & Musicals”, Blake are well known on the global stage. ,,Fix You” is the absolute jewel in the crown of Justine’s debut album and this collaboration with Blake is a delicious melodic treat for all classic and mainstream music lovers alike. This was all announced in the press release of band ,,Blake” delivered to Montenegro magazin.
Justine explains:
– I've always loved Blake's music, their great harmonies and outstanding interpretations of classic and pop songs. Their style and vocal blend really struck a chord with me, so they were the obvious choice to approach when I was doing my album. I couldn't believe it when they said yes!
Blake comment:
– During our 12 years of singing in harmony, we Blake boys have always loved blending in new voices & trying new genres. We love ,,Fix You”, so to record it with Justine's pure soprano sound was a total joy. It really felt like a unique cover.
Justine hand-picked the track because the lyrics resonated with her emotionally. For her, the song is about how the loss of a loved one can really floor you, but how those closest to you can help you through the darkest times and give you hope. The fusion of Justine and Blake’s vocals creates a blend of sheer classical/pop beauty, opening-up this well-known Coldplay classic to a new audience of classical music fans.