SKI SCHOOL SNOW STARS TEAM, KOPAONIK: Keeps the label ,,the best”, novelty in offering the most up-to-date ski service

Ski school Snow Stars Team at Kopaonik begins this year with a larger number of instructors and numerous novelties that bring more quality to their offer. By running a unique program, they provide quality training for beginners, but also for anyone who wishes to improve their skiing skills through an advanced ski school.
– We have 70 instructors. As of this year our school has the most up-to-date ski service situated in the newly opened hotel Putnik. The service has a variety of new equipment, from the ones for beginners to the others intended for professional skiers. Apart from cooperation with hotel Putnik, Triglav insurance company, from this season the school has been collaborating with the renowned ski brand Fischer. They recognized the Ski school Snow Stars Team as someone who can present their offer in the best way possible and the cooperation is successfully realized on mutual satisfaction – says Zoran Žugić, owner of Ski school Snow Stars Team for our web portal.
In addition to the training activities of all levels of skiing, adds Žugić, our school organizes each Friday a ,,Pleasure Race” for all school attendants with solemn denomination and award medals and diplomas for the best, and interested skier can also attend a Demo Team School training.
Apart from the individual and group lessons in the school, they also have day-to-day classes for the youngest participants who have daily animations and sports games, while lunch is provided at the break.
– A recognizable program, teamwork and good organization within the school have contributed to increasing attendance every day. This fact to us all at school is a great pleasure and confirmation that work and professionalism are valued – says Žugić.
All instructors at the Snow Stars Team school have a university diploma, they all speak at least one world language and 90 percent of them are professors of physical education. In addition to classes, it is important to ensure safety for everyone who decides to attend classes at Snow Stars Team school.
They believe that ,,this job can only be done by the one who loves it” and this work approach brought them the label of the best ski school at Kopaonik, which they are very proud of.
(More information at: http://www.skolaskijanja.rs/)