LOST FREQUENCIES FOR MNE MAGAZIN: I am super excited to come back to Sea dance festival

Belgian super-star Felix De Laet, known as Lost Frequencies, will be bringing his hits to the stage of the new turquoise beach Buljarica on August 30th in honour of the fifth jubilee edition of Sea dance festival. He is returning to the Sea dance festival after sold out tour with world stars The Chainsmokers, new album featuring hit singles ,,Melody“ with James Blunt, ,,Crazy“ and ,,Beautiful life“, thanks to which he has reinstated top rankings at world music charts, with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.
Lost Frequencies reached for the musical stars in 2014. with the single ,,Are you with me“. With it, he hit multi-platinum status, being the #1 on top-charts in 18 countries, becoming the first Belgian artist to hit #1 in the UK and the first Belgian artist to have first five hit singles at the #1 spot on the Ultratop official Belgian charts.
That he is not just the so-called ,,single-hit wonder”, Lost Frequencies proved with every next single he has made, starting with ,,Reality”, which hit the platinum status in seven countries and became one of the most listened to songs of the year at Shazam.

Everyone who sees him live at shows emphasize his love for what he does.
Lost Frequencies has found another frequency in his work recently. He established his own label  Found Frequencies. In addition to his musical career, De Laet has devoted himself to teaching young talents in the Himalayas this year, in cooperation and with support of the festival giant Tomorrowland.
In an interview for MNE magazin, he says that he was inspired to return to Sea dance festival by the beauty of Montenegro and the fans for whom he wishes to play his hits in as many different places as possible. There is also a special message for the jubilee edition to Sea Dance festival and the audience who will come to listen to him.
In addition, he talked to us about what makes his life beautiful, what is the craziest thing he has ever done, his favorite melody, as well as about Nikola Tesla and new projects.

You are coming to Sea Dance Festival after a great performance in 2016. What inspired you to return to this festival after two years?
– Because I had so much fun last time! Montenegro is a beautiful place and I like to visit my fans in as many different places that I can. I'm super excited to come back with new music and fresh perspectives for you guys!

This year Sea dance festival is celebrating its fifth year. What is your message to Sea dance festival and its audience?
– Well done on five years, I'm excited to join you all back on the beach as part of the EXIT Festival family – it's an honour and a joy to return, let's party!
What makes your life beautiful?
– Music, Friends, Family & good vibes.
What is your favourite melody of all times?
– There are too many! I would maybe say something by Bob Marley – I made a botleg of ,,No Woman, No Cry“ a few years back and that still is one of the most beautiful melodies ever written, I think.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
– I can't tell you… skinny dipped in the sea, ha!
In your video for the song ,,Here with you“ you have featured Nikola Tesla with a pigeon. In your opinion, what made this story, this relationship, remarkable enough to wish to feature it in the video for this particular song?
– Tesla cared very much for birds, animals and we really liked how his life ran parelell with the feelings of the song, his particular emotions of love and care. Like the lyrics in the track „And There's enough of giving/ Everybody hurts“ – to show no matter your talent or passion,we all have the same feelings and emotions. I thought certain factors in Tesla's life were a great metaphor for that. I must say, I've never been asked about that before, great spot!

What's your next chapter in music, where does your path lead you?

– I'm producing so much new music which I can't wait to share with you guys, some tracks are more radio and some or more my deluxe version vibe. Besides that, I'm also building out my Found Frequencies label, I really want to create this platform for young new talented producers. I'm also created my Lost Frequencies LIVE show which was a superfun project.

Bojana Radonjic
Photo: Promo