TALISCO FOR MNE MAGAZIN: I want to share something special with people

Photo: Last FM

French artist  Jérôme Amandi, known in the world as Talisco, could not present his unique music with the band last night to the audience of Lake fest at lake Krupac. He was stopped by the heavy rain shower.

At the rehearsal (photo: B.R.)

That this concert was to be a pure musical magic MNE magazin crew was convinced that afternoon when we found them at the backstage, taking a short break before resuming with rehearsal.

Before the concert (photo: B.R.)

We talked to him about inspiration, freedom, music, roots and Montenegro.

It is your first time here. What are your impressions on Montenegro?

– It reminds me of south of Spain. Climate is good. I feel comfortable here.

What are the expectations from the concert?

– To share something good with the audience, to share energy and to give them something special.

You mentioned Spain. Your Grandmother, who was Spanish, you said was your first inspiration?

– She was my first energy. When I think about my Grandmother, I think about my blood, not inspiration. She sang to me when I was really young. She was like an artist to me. In my family there are lots of emotional roots. All emotions are bigger than normal emotions in my family.

Journalist of MNE magazin with Talisco

You were writing songs since you were 11 years old?

– When I create, I walk a lot. I’m a big walker. When creating an album or a song, it’s not about time, it’s about the result.

You talk about creation. Your videos are like mini-movies.

– I’m not in love with the cinema. I’m in love with image, with the context, energy, so I do not need to see a movie. The more important thing is to feel something behind that. My first cup of tea is to feel something every time with people, I need to feel energy every time.

Why did you choose to take your audience on a ride to Californian desert or streets of Los Angeles, and not Paris, Champs-Élysées or Montmartre?

– Because it is logical. My first love in life it is to feel free. In Paris you can’t feel that. You feel that in the big space. In Paris all the buildings are around you. When you are in the California or USA there is a lot of space. I feel something who looks like my spirit.

What is the message you wanted to get across with your new album ,,Capitol vision”? 

– Sometimes you are bored by your life, bored about the man, about the girl and you think at this moment – I don’t care, I’m free. The first message is to say – OK, you are alone. That is the truth. We are alone in our lives. That’s OK, you can do what you want. The main thing is to realize that you can do what you want with nothing in your life sometimes. You are the main actor of your life.
Bojana Radonjić