MAHMUT ORHAN BEFORE HIS SHOW AT SEA DANCE: I am lucky to play at the best festival in that area

Turkish DJ Mahmut Orhan will step on the stage of Sea dance festival for the first time on July 15th. He is happy, he says in the interview for MNE magazin, because he has heard that people in Montenegro are hot blooded and full of energy. He considers himself lucky to play at the best festival in that area.
This outstanding DJ will bring hits ,,Feel” and ,,Save me” to the Jaz beach, in which he shows all the richness of Turkish culture, sound, tradition and contemporary world. In the coming months, he reveals, the audience will hear some new sounds.
He gets his inspiration from friends, family and emotions.
You will be bringing your music for the first time to Sea Dance Festival here in Montenegro. The audience have prepared their voices and dancing shoes for you. What have you prepared for all those people who are coming from every part of Montenegro and world to listen to you?

– Really, I am happy to be there especially during festival time. This is the first time that I will go to Montenegro so it's also more valuable than other festivals.

What did you hear about Montenegro and Sea Dance Festival?

– I heard that Montenegro people are so hot blooded and full of energy. We will see it but I feel that they have a high level of energy, because of that I am so excited to meet the audience in Montenegro. And Sea Dance is the best festival in that area, I think I am so lucky.

As a very young man, your hit ,,Feel” went global. How did you feel about it and was there perhaps a fear with every new single that the audience might not receive it as well as ,,Feel”?

– I don’t have any fear about Save Me, in opposite, I believe that Save Me will play everywhere after 2 or 3 months.

Where do you get inspiration from, how do you get it?

– I don’t have an obvious answer for it but, my friends, family and emotions are the first places for it.

What is the most valuable lesson you took from your home in Bursa?

– Friendship and honesty.

You are always positive, always smiling. What is your life philosophy?

– My life philosophy is to create a happy peaceful future with people that I love and want to be together.

What can we expect next from you? What will the new single be like?

– The new single will be different from what people know, but, I will create a sound that I trust. Over the next months, this sound will meet the audiences.

Bojana Radonjić
Photo: PR Promo