MAKE-UP ARTIST KRZYSZTOF NADZIEJEWIEC: I do not bring trends from the Instagram, I do it ,,Dior” way

Famous make-up artist of the brand ,,Dior” Krzysztof Nadziejewiec has been in Podgorica, where he had presented trends of this innovative fashion house for spring 2017, new collection of make-up named ,,Colour Gradation”, inspired by the 80s and shown a few tricks for impeccable look in the ,,Bar-kod shop” perfumery.
It was an opportunity for MNE magazin to talk with him about ,,Dior”, life, beauty and trends for this season.
– Right now we have a few trends. The new make-up shows the colour gradation on the lips and cheeks. It’s all about the variation, about colour range. Really clean, pale. We are focusing on only one part, because it is not so nice when you apply a lot of things on the whole face, people who observe you do not know the main focus. Except the colour gradation, we launch the new ,,Addict lipstick” that gives us the amazing lacquer effect, the long wearing effect. They are without the colour, glossy. There will also be something from the last collection, ,,Chris collection”, nude, with accents on the cheeks and eyes.
What is your favourite product of ,,Dior”?
– Oh, my gosh, it’s really difficult to find only one product, because I love all of them. It is my favourite brand. They change during the years, I had been working for ,,Dior” for six years. I am happy with all the products, because every customer’s face is completely different and every ,,Dior” product suits them. It depends on your creation, point of view and your plan for the make-up. You can create amazing calm look with the eyeliner, you can create really colourful 70s look, depending on your idea.
You said that ,,Dior” is your favourite brand and that your great grandmother used ,,Dior”, from the perfume to the make-up as well as your mother who had interesting boxes and products of this brand. Could you, please, go back to that time of your life?
– My journey with the make-up started long time ago, with my great grandma. I remember she used lots of Christian Dior products, these really classic boxes in midnight blue colour with gold accents. I remember the classic ,,Dior” lipstick that now has a completely different package. My mother used lots of products, but mainly in the make-up. As a young boy I observed them, that make-up process was amazing. For example, great grandma used only the compact powder, without the mascara for the evening. She wore only classic red lipstick from ,,Dior”. Sometimes she would use only the mascara or sometimes only the lipstick. She was very stylish. She thought about only main accent of her face.

What was your and your mother’s reaction when you got the job at ,,Dior”?
– Oh, my gosh, she was really proud and happy that my dreams came through. I’m the make-up artist and winner of the make-up world contest. She is so proud of me.
 What are your impressions from the streets of Podgorica?
–  It’s really difficult right now to say something about the people, because I didn’t have time to go anywhere. I came really late to the hotel. We didn’t have time, because we needed to prepare everything for today’s training and the evening. Maybe today and maybe tomorrow I’ll check the style of the women, but I observe the people here and on the training. I see a lot of beautiful women. I heard that customers apply a little bit darker foundation, because seaside is near, really warm area. That is why they are maybe more focused on suntan and they are missing of sun and warm colours of the face. I am here to learn them a lot.
Please, for the end, could you tell us your definition of beauty, because your job is specific with every face having its own story?
– I enhance the beauty. I am doing my best to make women more beautiful and happier. I am not the guy who focus on trends from, for example, the Instagram, where there is lot of foundation, powders and layers. I’m going it ,,Dior” way, because it’s my type of beauty. Of course, when I have the situation when I need to do something in that way, I will do it, because I’m the professional and I need to copy and paste this type of make-up, it’s what the customer expects from me. But in  a situation where I can show more my tricks, my type of beauty, my vision, all the time I’m trying to do something from my side, because when the customer comes to me, she wants to learn something. I don’t want to copy and paste the same type of make-up which is the everyday. What for? It’s nonsense to me. That’s why I’m trying to share at first trends, at second to enhance her beauty and sometimes do something ,,crazier” when the customer agrees on that. Sometimes I apply only the mascara or only the lipstick and that is all. Without the layers, highlighter, powder. Nothing, only clear products.
 Boris Šekularac